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AMI Press is the publishing house of the Al-Mahdi Institute and publishes academic works related to the study of Shia Islam. Our goal is to disseminate research of the highest standard with the aim of creating an awareness of the rich cultural, social, and intellectual history of Shia Muslims throughout different periods of Islamic history as well as in modern times. Our goal is to become the leading publisher of academic studies on Shi’ism in the western hemisphere. Through our publication related projects we strive to promote greater understanding and appreciate of Shia Muslims in western scholarship and cater for the needs and interests of the Shia community in western languages.

Our publications fall into three broad categories: (I.) Translations, (II.) Monographs, and (III.) Proceedings of Workshops, Conferences and Seminars. All our publications are put through a rigorous peer-review process by an independent board of reviewers and subject specialists who carefully check and assess the suitability of our forthcoming publications. Our regular proceedings volumes are edited by guest editors who are experts in their field of study and then commissioned to an independent copyeditor for final proof checks and corrections before publication.


Proceedings of the AMI Contemporary
Fiqhī Issues Workshop

AL-Allāma al-Hillī

Proceedings of the AMI Contemporary
Fiqhī Issues Workshop

Proceedings of the AMI Contemporary Fiqhī Issues Workshop

The AMI Contemporary Fiqhī Issues Workshop is an annual meeting of scholars from a wide variety of methodological approaches in the study of Islam in which participants present, discuss and debate topics within Islamic law that have contemporary relevance to modern Muslim societies. The themes of the workshop range from topics drawn from classical Muslim legal sources such as purity and prayer, as well as more recent issues and challenges facing contemporary Muslims such as intellectual property law and gender related issues. The papers of the workshop are published annually in a proceedings volume that is edited by a guest editor who is a specialist in the theme of the workshop. The Al-Mahdi Institute welcomes proposals from scholars specializing in any aspect of Islamic law for future workshops and invites academics who are interested in guest editing the proceedings volume to get in touch with Rukhsana Bhanji.

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AL-Allāma al-Ḥillī

Collected Writings of al–Allāma al-Ḥillī

In 2018 AMI Press commissioned an ambitious project to translate the major works composed by the fourteenth century Shia scholar, Jamāl al-Dīn al-Ḥasan ibn Yūsuf ibn Muṭahhar al-Ḥillī, better known as al-Allāma al-Ḥillī (d. 726/1325). Ḥillī is one the most important scholars in the Shia tradition whose writings on a range of Islamic disciplines has impacted the growth and development of the Shia scholarly tradition. Many of his works continue to be studied in traditional Shia seminaries in Iraq and Iran as well as among western academics who, like their Islamic counterparts, have increasingly begun to acknowledge his importance to the post-classical Islamic intellectual tradition.

The series has an initial aim to publish ten bilingual editions and translations of the most important works in Ḥillī’s oeuvre. Currently, the following works have been commissioned for translation by leading experts in the relevant areas of the works concerned:

  • 1 Tabirat al-muta allimīn fī akām al-dīn (Arabic/English)
  • 2 Taslīk al-nafs ilā hadīrat al-quds (Arabic/English)
  • 3 Kashf al-murād fī sharḥ Tajrīd al-i’tiqād (Arabic/English)
  • 4 Jawhar al-nadīd fī sharh mantiq al-tajrīd (Arabic/English)
  • 5 al-Muhākamāt bayna shurrāh al-Ishārāt (Arabic/English)
  • 6 Istiqsā al-nazar fī mas’alat al-qadā wa-l-qadr (Arabic/English)

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AMI Press welcomes proposals and contributions from professional academics specialising in the study of Shia Islam. We cater for all of the major sub-disciplines within Islamic studies and therefore welcome proposals on the study of Shi’ism and Shia Muslims in the following areas:

  • 1 The intellectual, social, political, and cultural history of Shi’ism
  • 2 The study of contemporary Shi’ism and Shia societies in the West.
  • 3 Biographical and bibliographical studies of Shia personalities.
  • 4 Theological and philosophical studies of Shia Islam.
  • 5 Scholarship pertaining to law and legal theory (Imami, Zaydi and Ismaili).
  • 6 The historical and thematic study of the Quran and Hadīth among Shia Muslims;
  • 7 The educational and institutional history of Shia centres of learning in the Islamic world.